The Mirrour of the World

Index to the Pictures

This is a collection of pictures by Father Pitt that stray outside his usual domain in southwestern Pennsylvania. The site is completely simpleminded, built in pure HTML and formatted with less than 2K of CSS, so instead of a database you get this index, which makes the site as searchable as it needs to be.

The name comes from one of the first printed books in English, William Caxton’s Mirrour of the World, an encyclopedia of everything there was to know about everything everywhere.


Bath: Interior of Bath Abbey.
Bath: Monuments in Bath Abbey.
Bath: Organ Pipes in Bath Abbey.
Bradford-on-Avon: Saxon Church.
Canterbury: Medieval House at 8 Palace Street.
Canterbury: Pulpit of Canterbury Cathedral.
Canterbury: View of Canterbury from the Station.
London: Burlington Arcade.
London: Chinatown.
London: InterCity 125 Locomotive at St. Pancras.
London: Royal Opera Arcade.
Norwich: Elm Hill.
Norwich: Norwich Cathedral, Cloisters (inside).
Norwich: Norwich Cathedral, Cloisters (outside).
Norwich: Norwich Cathedral, Spire.
Oxford: Interior, Christ Church Cathedral.
Oxford: Stained Glass, Christ Church Cathedral.
Oxford: Tower, Christ Church Cathedral.
Oxford: Tower, Christ Church Cathedral (again).
York: High Petergate.
York: Station.
York: Stonegate.

United States


Bushnell: Sumter County Courthouse.
Cedar Key: 2nd Street.
Crystal River: Nuclear Power Plant.
Orlando: Sunset at Disney World.
Trenton: Trenton Depot.
Wilcox: ACL boxcar.


Chicago: Chicago River.
Chicago: Kayak on the Chicago River.
Chicago: L Crossing the River.
Chicago: London Guaranty & Accident Building.
Chicago: Row of Skyscrapers.


Annapolis: Colonial House on Green Street.
Annapolis: Fleet Street.
Annapolis: View from Church Circle.
Grantsville: Casselman River Bridge.


Boston: Copley Station.
Boston: Paul Revere House.
Boston: Swan Boat in the Public Garden.
Boston: Trinity Church.
Concord: Walden Pond.

New York

Greenport: Olana.
Hammondsport: Lake Keuka After a Storm.
Hurley: Barn.
Hurley: Bevier House.
Hurley: Hurley Reformed Church.
Kingston: Old Dutch Church, churchyard.
Kingston: Old Dutch Church, churchyard (again).
Kingston: Old Dutch Church, steeple.
Kingston: Old Dutch Church, steeple (again).

North Carolina

New Bern: Colonial House.
New Bern: Colonial House 2.
New Bern: House.
New Bern: Mansion.
New Bern: Neuse River.


Mercersburg: Borough Hall.
Mercersburg: Brownstone Building on Main Street.
Mercersburg: Federal-Style House.
Mercersburg: House with Blue Blinds.
Mercersburg: Main Street.
Mercersburg: Stone Tavern.
Mercersburg: Storefronts on Main Street.
Presque Isle: Perry Monument.
Pittsburgh: Binoculars.
Somerset: Summit Diner.
Somerset: Neon Sign.


Brattleboro: Estey Organ Factory.
Brattleboro: Estey Organ Factory (again).
Brattleboro: Main Street.
Brattleboro: Superintendent’s House, Brattleboro Retreat.


New Kent: St. Peter’s Church (front).
New Kent: St. Peter’s Church (side).
Shenandoah National Park: Big Meadows.
Shenandoah National Park: Big Meadows (again).
Shenandoah National Park: Weathered Tree Trunk.
Shenandoah National Park: White Snakeroot.
Toano: Hickory Neck Church.
Toano: Hickory Neck Church (again).
Williamsburg: Beech Allée.
Williamsburg: The Capitol.
Williamsburg: Colonial iPad.
Williamsburg: George Wythe House.
Williamsburg: Governor’s Palace.
Yorktown: Yorktown Victory Monument.

West Virginia

Morgantown: Personal Rapid Transit.

Nature and Miscellaneous

Abandoned Store somewhere in the Southeast.
Bolivian Hummingbird Sage.
Bonsai Azalea.
Cymbopogon flexuosus.
Dendrobium ‘Sonia’.
Great Egret by a lake in Florida.
Leathery Grape Fern.
Milkweed Bugs.
Nemesia ‘Dazzle-Me-Lilac’.
Parodia magnifica.
Pine Forest.
Stanhopea tigrina at Phipps Conservatory.
Sun Through Leaded Glass.
Variegated Purple Fountain Grass.
Weathered Tree Trunk.